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The Issues

Medicare For All

Brian is committed to guaranteeing healthcare to all of Pennsylvania’s residents. To do this we need to build off of Medicare and Medicaid to create a statewide health insurance program that will have zero co-pays, deductibles, or out-of-pocket expenses. We also need to reverse the steep increase in prescription drug prices by placing strict price controls. It’s time to end the theft of the health insurance industry and Big Pharma and it’s time to join the rest of the developed world in providing healthcare to our residents. Since the federal government won’t create a program, it's time for Pennsylvania to show the rest of the country how it’s done.

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Government Building Columns

Fighting Corruption

Brian will get dirty money out of our politics by flushing out the corrupt lobbyists and corporations from Harrisburg. This campaign is dedicated to taking no donations from corporations because we are interested in working for people and not big business. To further invest in the community, Brian is committed to only taking the average salary within Indiana County and donating the rest of his salary as representative to local charities.  


It is long past due for the state government to join the modern age and legalize recreational marijuana. Doing this would allow the state to regulate the market, ensure safe consumption, and support locally owned dispensaries. In 2016, it was estimated that $600 million in tax revenue could be raised from recreational marijuana. This revenue can be reinvested in our communities.

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As your representative, Brian will make sure our schools get the funding they need and that every student has an opportunity to succeed. This means protecting our public schools by guaranteeing them their rightful funding, keeping tuition prices low so our higher education institutions can keep enrollment numbers high, and supporting technical schools to equip our citizens with the proper tools to join the work force. Modern economies require an educated workforce so the state needs to invest in its education.


Protecting the natural beauty of Pennsylvania and building a sustainable economy needs to be a top priority. We have to build green energy infrastructure that will make us energy independent, reward companies that limit their environmental impact, and clean up our neighborhoods of pollution and acid mine drainage. 

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Aiming Toward a Target

Gun Rights

Brian supports the 2nd Amendment. Brian also recognizes the need to ensure guns do not end up in the wrong hands while not punishing lawful gun owners. That is why Brian supports strong background checks, a red flag law, a ban on assault-style weapons, and ending the gun show loophole. Brian will also ensure that those who are mentally ill will be able to access the necessary resources and treatment so that they are not a risk for themselves or others.

$15 Minimum Wage

The current minimum wage of $7.25 is a starvation wage that has not changed since 2009. Brian understandsthat $7.25 an hour is not enough for people to support themselves. He supports raising it to $15 an hour. This raise would come incrementally over several years. A $15 minimum wage would put more power into the hands of our workers and improve the living conditions for a million Pennsylvanians.

Engineers at work
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Our campaign plans to create a guaranteed job program for Pennsylvania while ensuring high quality jobs with fair pay and proper benefits. We will fight union busting companies and protect workers' right to organize. Also, Brian is dedicated to bringing paid parental and sick leave for workers  so no one will be punished for having children or being unable to work.  


As a candidate running in a rural area, Brian understands the importance of protecting our farmers. That is why he is committed to fixing our property tax system to help smaller  family run farms stand on their own. Also, Brian will fight for farmers' right to repair their equipment without the restrictions of oppressive warrants by big manufacturing corporations. These policies will allow our local farms to have autonomy over their business and be able to provide for our community.

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Brian supports massive investment and revitalization of Pennsylvania's infrastructure. PA's climate puts strain on the state's roads and bridges and they need to be maintained regularly. The state's bridges are especially in need of repair and revitalization as many are decades old.

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