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Meet Brian

Brian grew up and went to school in Bellefonte Area School District about 20 minutes out of State College. In his time there, he was active in extracurricular volunteer work such as helping at food banks and gathering school supplies for students in need. When Brian graduated high school in 2018, he says he chose to come to IUP to further his education because of the beautiful campus and the amazing community. He is now in his senior year at IUP and working towards a B.A. in history. While here, Brian has furthered his volunteer work through clothing drives and cleanup projects while being involved with IUP’s College Democrats, and the Indiana County Young Dems. He became interested in politics because he saw it as an avenue to continue helping people. Brian's family lost their health insurance shortly before the pandemic due to job loss. Times like that are when Brian believes we need to see our government step up and help its people, not just for his family but all families. Opportunities to help working families like this are why Brian Doyle chose to run for State Representative.

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